J.Lately distinguishes himself as an emcee with his soulful style and laid back flow. A true appreciation for music along with the unique ability to put everyday life into a relatable perspective has allowed him to flourish in the Bay Area scene and beyond. His music possesses the rare ability to make you contemplate and vibe out simultaneously, finding the perfect balance between the conscious and the stoner. Coming from the small town of Sebastopol, and having split time between Oakland and Southern California, his influences are eclectic and mesh together effortlessly to form his own individual style. A relentless drive has kept Lately on tour across the country with artists such as Zion I, Andre Nickatina, Locksmith, and A-Plus of the Hieroglyphics. 


The Unusual Suspects Company

E: unusualsuspectsmgmt@gmail.com


Instagram: www.instagram.com/jlately

Facebook: www.facebook.com/justlately

Youtube: www.youtube.com/justlately

Twitter: www.twitter.com/justlately

Website: www.justlatelymusic.com

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/justlately

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